Why partner with People4People?

People4People has a wide-ranging portfolio of services. We provide:

  • Territorial Sourcing and Screening – We ensure that candidates are sourced from within the vicinity of your specified office location or assignment.
  • On-Time Payment of Salaries and Benefits – We are able to provide “on time payment” of salaries and all government mandated benefits.
  • Strong Legal Counsel – We are represented by one of the leading labour law specialists, Froilan, Bacungan & Associates. This ensures that our clients are protected from unscrupulous contractual workers and are well informed on the latest DOLE issues.
  • Professional Account Management – Depending on the volume of employees, we will assign a dedicated Coordinator to handle the day-to-day operations of our contractual employees.
  • Nationwide Contractual Services – We are capable of conducting contractual services for nationwide branch offices
  • DOLE DO 18-A compliant – We provide Protection for clients against legal issues and ensures compliance with government mandated benefits. We Guarantee less disruptions to operations, related to salary and wage issues. Clients can Trust us that the quality of our service is of the highest standards.